Friday 21 August 2015

Kit Kat Studio Sydney

  image credit: Anna Kucera

Kit Kat turned 80, who knew?  Well Nestlé obviously, and to celebrate they've created the "world first Kit Kat Studio" I went along for the launch. Hosted by the amazing Anna Polyviou, think mohawks, MasterChef and that crazy carrot cake challenge, we drank champagne and watched Anna and her team create the Caramelised Anna, a chocolate adorned graffitied work of salted caramel popcorn art. It was awesome, I took one home for the kids but ate it, sorry kids. We also sampled that carrot cake; I totally appreciate all the skill and technique but preferred the Kit Kat, sorry Anna!

  image credit: Anna Kucera

A touch screen at the studio guides you through the process to "Create Your Break" a custom 8 fingered Kit Kat. Enter your mobile number, choose your chocolate, add up to 3 of the 58 extra ingredients, then select your packaging. An SMS confirms your order and another when it's ready to collect. 

Of the 14 new special editions, salted caramel and toasted macadamias was a total winner. Would I make a special trip to the studio? I'm not sure, but if I was in the area I'd absolutely stop by; customised chocolate and cute packaging, what's not to love?

Kit Kat studio is on Level 2, Westfield Sydney until 30th August; 8 finger Create Your Break $9, 4 finger Special Editions $4.

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